Creepetta is a female Creeper who lives in the Dome. She can be recruited as a Pal in the Fireman's Dept.


Creepetta has a few key features that distinguish her from the rest of her kind. Her skin is pink instead of green. She is also noticeably taller than most of her kind, and even most humans. While the company is appreciated by her teammates, her appearance is often startling to see when in a dungeon or mine.

Dome LifeEdit

Creepetta has always been the subject of ridicule amongst other Creepers due to her height. She is sensitive to this, and after graduating Creeper school she left her home to get away from the embarassment. When she reached the Dome, she found people of all types welcoming her in. She even met the Mayor, who is a fellow Creeper himself. Knowing that she would not be judged here, Creepetta moved into the mostly vacant Fireman's Dept. where she offers her help in return for items she likes.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Because of the constant ridicule she received growing up, Creepetta is a shy self-conscious Creeper who dislikes being tall. When receiving compliments she often blushes, although it is very hard to see. She is kind and calm. She loves a good book. Giving her a rose is an easy way to her heart.

Pal AbilitiesEdit

A pacifist unlike her brotheren, Creepetta will provide a healing aura to anyone within close proximity to her. Be warned however, as travelling with her can lead to moments of being spooked by her sudden appearance.