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Domed Days is a Twitch and Youtube series based off of a custom Minecraft modpack. Get to know wacky characters and watch some epic adventuring!

  • Lakeside relaxation.
  • Reidriar gets help finding a good woman.Go to Domed Days Ep.13 Seeking SWF
  • View from the Mayor's porch.
  • Crookers on the loose.

Latest EpisodeEdit

What is Domed Days?Edit

The world of Minecraftia is a tough, volatile place full of dangers around every corner. Monsters and ghosts roam the horizons at nightfall. Evil dwells in the depths of dungeons and mineshafts. It is natural for the average Minecraftian to spend a good portion of their lives finding a safe haven from the outside world. That's where the dome comes in. Dome Town is home to a large glass encloser that completely surrounds it, keeping it safe from the majority of the mobs outside. Within, our heroes live out their day to day existence. Whether that's chatting with the townspeople, hiring helping hands, growing crops or raising livestock, there's always something to see here. And when they aren't hanging out around home, they're out adventuring sunken towers or otherworldly dimensions.

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