Jasocorp, or Jaso for short, is one of the main characters in Domed Days. He is also the creator of the series.


Jasocorp can easily be distinguished by his ruby colored glasses. His hair is buzzed on the sides, the middle is long and parts to the left. He has snake bite piercings. His body is chiseled like stone, a by-product of living in such a tough world. He also has a gigantic peen. 

Pre-Dome HistoryEdit

While this is one of his first regularly recorded series for the game, Jaso has run many custom modded MC games. For a while he and his roommates (with the occasional special guest) would play together, trying to brave the game's elements all the while trying to find a decent place to settle down at.

Before shacking up at Dome Town , Jaso and his friends lived in a small savanna style biome. While it served it's purpose, it wasn't the most desired locations of relaxation. Snakes were constantly nipping at his heels and angry ostriches pecked at faces. The social side of things weren't all that bad, he found himself a nice wife in Adi and fathered a girl named Prostitot. Later he would discover that his wife kept secret from him the fact that she was pregnant with twins. Eventually his other daughter introduced herself and began living in the village as well. He had a second daughter shortly after named Sasha Gray.

During this time many trips were made to dangerous new worlds and dimensions. It was a particularly hostile era as fearsome mobs roamed just outside the borders of the town. Upon returning from adventuring one fateful day both he and Gor3beard witnessed the slaughter of the townspeople by a pack of vicious minotaur women. They had been watching from afar, waiting for the heroes to leave so they could raze the village. They murdered any villager they could. Although his girls had previously left home to venture out into the world, Adi was caught in the uproar and lost her life. With no family to turn to, Jaso decided to make sure that no more roaming bands of monsters get the upper hand on them. With Gor3beards help, they wired up explosives all around the town, and when the group of mobs returned with friends they were caught in the explosion. Destroying the village meant destroying their homes, but Jaso was happy to get revenge on those that took his wife.

After receiving a letter rewarding Jaso and his pals with a poolside hotel stay, he decided they needed a bit of a vacation. With their families either murdered or missing, everyone was ready for a little rest and relaxation. They packed what things they could from their old home (what was left of it) and Jaso lead them to the Poonighlan Hotel and Resort . Here they enjoyed many days of sunbathing and flirtation with the other tourists. Jasocorp spent some time with another female villager and they built a small home in a neighboring village where they raised some livestock together. Although things didn't last, they remained friends even as they went their separate ways. Spending time in the village made him miss the wild life, so he eventually talked his friends into packing their things and returning from vacation.

Life in the DomeEdit

It took some time, but Jaso and the others finally discovered Dome Town. He was welcomed in, and offered to take up residency in a nearby townhome. Jaso was happy to call this new place home. He even met a nice women by the name of Nickie and got married for the second time. They fathered a child named Reidriar (Ep.6.5 Father & Son ). With the spark of adventuring rekindled within him, he would leave his wife and son at home for days to explore.

One day Jaso would come home to find that Nickie was having serious doubts about their relationship (Ep.11 Family Issues ). His constant adventures left little time at home to spend with family. With the addition of his son revealing that he was pan-curious, Jaso lost it on both of them. Before he could push them both out the door however, Nickie let slip that she had been engaged to another partner behind his back. After an off-camera scuffle, Jaso comforted his son over Nickie leaving the two of them, claiming she just ran off. To help normalize his son's behavior, he sent Reidriar to spend some time at the town church, listening to the sermons of Pastor Medic and getting to know the other townspeople.

He eventually helped in releasing a female inmate who was a priest so that she could oversee an arranged marriage between his son and another villager (Ep.13 Seeking SWF), as well as grooming Gor3beard to find a suitable mate herself (Ep.17 Valentine's Day Massacre). 

When Gor3beard was unsuccessful in finding someone she liked, they decided to bid farewell to DomeTown in order to travel the world. During this time they discovered a village located on top of a mountain, and stayed there for a time discovering new and interesting locations. The cold weather ended up making it difficult for them though. Between trying to stay warm and having troubles raising crops at their altitude, they agreed to pack their things. It was time, they decided, to move back to DomeTown. 

The new DomeTown Edit

In the new DOMED DAYS series, Jaso crafted motorbikes and the two returned to the Dome. When they got their however, they were surprised at how developed the whole place had become. Deciding to move into Clove Street, Jaso spent the day helping Gor3beard meet their new neighbors such as Lupac, Bubz, and Ghostface. He also followed her as she hunted for a new home to call her own (Ep.1 House Hunters). 

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jaso is very curious about the world surrounding him. He is often seen as a jokester, and rarely reveals his serious side. He often plays with Gor3beard. He prefers the thrill of the adventure over the actual physical rewards. Because of this he is often willing to share whatever he finds during adventures.


-While Jason wears ruby glasses in the game, he does not actually own a pair in that color.

-His anatomy is true to scale

-Some people mistake his snakebites for vampire teeth