Nickie was the second wife of Jasocorp , and mother to Reidriar.

Dome LifeEdit

Not much is known about Nickie. She was a resident in the Dome who met Jasocorp after he moved in. They seemed to enjoy each others company, and eventually the two married. She bore a child named Reidriar. 

She eventually grew tired of Jaso's constant adventures, and confronted him about it after his return home one day (Ep.11 Family Issues ). After telling him she wanted to separate, it was found out that the real reason she wanted to do so was because she was seeing someone behind his back. Infuriated, the stream camera feed is cut. After the feed returned, Jaso stated that Nickie ran off to be with the man she was seeing. Her ultimate fate is unknown, although it is suggested that she was either killed off-cam or fled to be with her secret partner. Further investigation is necessary.