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Nimrod skulking around the creature well.

Nimrod makes up the third member in the Kreep Trio, the other two being Poser and Wannabee. While considered a big introvert, he has recently moved into Dome Town and enjoys sharing his experimental results with passerbys. He can always be found bumbling around the Creature Well, where he can be hired as a Pal.


Nimrod wears a Creeper hoodie and boxer shorts, with black van sneakers. He has two black wristbands on his arms. His hair is long and parted to the side, covering one of his eyes. He wears a broken pair of glasses that he has kept taped together.

Function in the Kreep TrioEdit

Nimrod makes up the brains of the trio. He is a nerdy inventor who aspires to learn from the great Kreep Kid himself.

He is often the one to temper the wild spontaneity of his partners. While he easily comes off as the quietest of the bunch, to his friends he can be very vocal about his mad scientist hobbies. When the trio comes up with any plan to become a Kreep Klub member, it is often left up to Nimrod to make sense of and coordinate the wishes of Poser, as crazy as they might sound. Nimrod is currently the only member of the trio to be found in the dome. When asked, he laments that his cohorts are both grounded.

Pal AbilitiesEdit

Nimrod does not possess any fighting prowess. Instead, he occasionally offers the player a slice of his experimental cake. While he warns that too much stress after consuming a piece may induce combustion, each slice is none-the-less tasty and fulfilling. 


- Even though he claims to be near-sighted, Nimrod's glasses are broken and missing the lenses.