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A POPO guards the town's stock of wheat.

The POPO are the protectors of Dome Town . They work under Sheriff Nick Limes , who oversees their patrol routes.


The POPO of Dome Town are required to adhere to a strict dress code. It is mandatory that they grow mustaches and have a particular fondness of donuts. They wear a modern police uniform, and carry with them a pistol.

Dome LifeEdit

While life inside the glass dome is generally peaceful, the occasional danger does pop up. Whether it's zombies being unearthed by miners, or blasting a snooping Crooker, you can count on these men in uniform.

Personality and TraitsEdit

POPO's are usually friendly, but prefer to focus on their job rather than have idle chit-chat with players. They will do whatever they can to protect the townspeople. They seem to have a strange paranoia around those in hoodies. They have a strong distaste for the delinquincy of Crookers.