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Reidriar spends time with his wife.

Son to Jasocorp and Nickie. Reidriar lived in Dome Town .

Dome LifeEdit

Reidriar was a cheerful boy who was somewhat of an introvert growing up in the dome (Ep.6.5 Father and Son ). With his father constantly leaving to go on adventures, he was left with only his mom to take care of him. 

During his young adult years he would develop a pan-curious behavior that reached into taboo territory. This was first noticed after he kissed his dad (Who was joking at the time) and stated that his lips 'taste soft and sweet' (Ep.11 Family Issues). After his mom up and left both of them for a new man, Reidriar spiraled into despair, latching onto his father in tears. Jasocorp ended up dragging him to the church, where hopefully the sermons of Pastor Medic and the other outgoing townspeople would work him out of his weird funk. 

Not long afterwards, Jasocorp decided to help find someone for his son. He arranged a marriage between Reidriar and another town member (Ep.13 Seeking SWF ). To help solidify the bond, he asked for the Sheriff's permission to release a priest from her jail cell to attend the event. Reidriar was surprisingly interested in his new women.