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Sheriff Limes rifles through paperwork at his front desk.

Sheriff Limes is the head of security in Dome Town . He can be found at the front desk of the Police HQ.


Just picture a character from a popular zombie show.

Dome LifeEdit

Nick plans out the routes that the POPO will patrol each day. He ensures that the town stays safe. He also has a few troublemakers locked up in the cells in the basement of the Police HQ. Since the players are used to defending themselves, he will offer to trade Crooker masks for munitions.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Nick is a no nonsense type of guy who is typically doing things, stuff. He is a rationale guy who will always listen to both sides of a despute. Some see him as a stern boss, but that is a misconception due to his demanding work schedule. He has no time for small talk.