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The cul-de-sac bustling with villagers.

The Dome is the large semi-circle glass dome that encases a town inside. It is here that the majority of the story takes place. It is also home to the players. While it's origins are shrouded in mystery, it does serve to keep the town cut off from a majority of the dangers outside.

Dome TownEdit

The town that rests inside the glass dome. It is here that the action happens. The houses of all the main characters in the series reside here. It is also the place where you will meet all kinds of wacky, interesting characters that make Dome Town their home.

While the town has had many nicknames, no one name has ever been settled on by it's residence. It has been known as dome town, dome city, titty city, to name a few.

This town was built to be a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world. With the addition of the glass dome to encompass it, that ambition has been a resounding success. Villagers live a calm and relaxed day to day life inside, working together to keep things up and running.The northern area is the home to the cul-de-sac, where villagers such as the Major, Pastor Medic, Pierre, and Didley reside. The middle contains the town's work sector. You'll find the mine, police and fire fighters department, and what fields. Finally, in the southern area the livestock pens, and tribals can be found. This is also where Chubbi, Cubbi, and Princess Chillia make their home.

Origins of the DomeEdit

The origination of the glass dome is one of the more controversial topics of the townspeople within. No one truly knows where it came from, and most claims about it's appearance are speculative. One can see evidence of this just by following the glass dome's borders: it does in fact cut some houses and buildings right in two. There are even remnants of a plane near the southern inside where it smashed into the side. Some say that it resulting from tampering with dark magics, but Hoxton recently denounced this claim. Others think it is actually a science experiment gone wrong. Because the top of the dome looks to have been battered by falling meteors, many villagers believe that the dome was erected to protect from dangers in the sky, not the ground. Until solid evidence turns up, no one can know for sure.